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Names follow the checklist of British & Irish sawflies (Liston et al, 2014).

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For a checklist of British and Irish sawflies click on the external link http://biodiversitydatajournal.com/articles.php?id=1168


Abia aenea  

Abia candens

Abia fasciata

Abia lonicerae   

Abia sericea

Acantholyda erythrocephala

Acantholyda posticalis

Aglaostigma aucupariae  

Aglaostigma fulvipes  

Allantus basalis  

Allantus calceatus  

Allantus cinctus  

Allantus cingulatus  

Allantus coryli

Allantus laticinctus  

Allantus melanarius  

Allantus rufocinctus  

Allantus togatus

Allantus truncatus  

Amauronematus abnormis

Amauronematus amentorum

Amauronematus amplus

Amauronematus fasciatus

Amauronematus godmani

Amauronematus hedstroemi

Amauronematus histrio

Amauronematus humeralis

Amauronematus krausi

Amauronematus lateralis

Amauronematus leucolenus

Amauronematus longiserra

Amauronematus mcluckieae

Amauronematus miltonotus

Amauronematus mimus

Amauronematus mundus

Amauronematus sagmarius

Amauronematus semilacteus

Amauronematus stenogaster

Amauronematus toeniatus

Amauronematus tristis  

Amauronematus tunicatus

Amauronematus viduatus

Amauronematus vittatus

Ametastegia albipes

Ametastegia carpini   

Ametastegia equiseti

Ametastegia glabrata

Ametastegia pallipes

Ametastegia perla

Ametastegia tenera

Aneugmenus coronatus   

Aneugmenus fuerstenbergensis  

Aneugmenus padi

Aneugmenus temporalis

Anoplonyx destructor

Apethymus filiformis  

Apethymus serotinus

Aprosthema fusicorne

Aprosthema melanurum

Aprosthema tardum

Ardis pallipes

Ardis sulcata  

Arge berberidis   

Arge ciliaris

Arge cyanocrocea  

Arge enodis

Arge expansa

Arge fuscipes

Arge gracilicornis

Arge melanochra

Arge metallica

Arge nigripes  

Arge ochropus   

Arge pagana   

Arge rustica

Arge ustulata

Athalia ancilla

Athalia bicolor

Athalia circularis   

Athalia cordata   

Athalia cornubiae  

Athalia liberta   

Athalia lugens  

Athalia rosae

Athalia scutellariae